The "Next" Greatest Generation


6/15/20233 min read

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. After the Boomers, Generation X is the next “last great generation.” We’re hard-working, essentially unoffendable, laid back and for the most part have plenty of self-confidence. In my case, delusionally so.

But that delusional self-confidence has done wonders for me personally and for this latch-key kid generation of survivors.

If you don’t already know, Gen-X refers to people born from 1965- 1981, and recent news consistently show the vast majority of employers prefer these employees over Gen Z and Millenials. No big shock here.

Reasons? I’m glad you asked.

  1. We don’t fall apart at perceived offenses nor do we go looking for them.

  2. We don’t have to stare at our phones all day for validation.

  3. We don't run for a "safe space" when our feelings get a little hurt.

Hell, we didn’t have safe spaces growing up. You were lucky if you got to come in the house during the summer before 8:30 pm. Most of us were locked out and told to “go play” until supper time.

And let me tell you, those are some awesome memories… exploring the woods with my friends, building clubhouses from tree limbs and cardboard boxes, jumping on the trampoline and of course drinking from the hosepipe.....but I digress.

A recent article on Yahoo backs this up in so many ways by reporting on one of the most common issues surrounding the younger generations.

Titled “Gen Z and millennials say social media is pressuring them to buy things they can’t afford, and it’s sending them into an anxiety spiral,” this article has been grinding my nerves on a couple of levels.

To sum up, it basically reports that Gen Z and Millenials are feeling anxiety because Social Media- that big bad monster who apparently takes complete control of a rational human mind- is, and I quote, “pressuring them” to buy things they can’t afford.

As if Social Media is the pushy sales clerk at Clinique and you just can’t say no to her relentless pitch to spend $98 on a 1 oz tube of eye cream. I’m guessing this is the same group of people who invested their life savings into selling LulaRoe leggings or spent way too much on water bottles because Tik-Tok said so.

I mean, come on y'all! Water is going to taste the same whether it’s in a $100 VitaJuwel bottle or a $5 Gatorade squeeze bottle.

The article then goes on to blah-blah-blah about how scrolling constantly and comparing yourself to other people’s posts can hurt your self-esteem and that’s why these poor, pitiful consumers are struggling with anxiety. Like social media is the pretty, popular leader of the mean girls clique, and you just can’t say no, because OH NO, you’ll be an outcast! 🙄

Can you feel my eyes rolling from over here in the Carolinas?

Give me a friggin’ break. How is it possible that millions of people give that much control to a 6.5 inch phone that literally fits into the palm of your hand? Has no one ever seen an after-school special?

(Of course not-remember who I’m talking about.)

These Zillenials never had the pleasure of turning on the old, gray tube TV at 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon to witness the consequences a young Scott Baio must endure when he uses marijuana to deal with his home life*.

Okay then, does anyone at least remember their 3rd-grade teacher teaching about the evils of peer pressure?

Well, if not-it’s BAD.

Peer Pressure= BAD.

Walk away!

Just Say No! (thank you Nancy Reagan)

Or even better. Lay your phone down. Save your money, go outside and take a drink from the hose.

It's anxiety free and won't cost you a dime. You're welcome.